Docabroad was founded in 2020. The year of COVID-19. But despite all the difficulties we have successfully launched our platform and we were able to offer temporary radiologists to hospitals around the world.

Docabroad was founded by Alexander and Siu-Fung. Alexander is a radiologist with extensive experience in working abroad. Siu-Fung is an entrepreneur and he runs various medical companies. We have known each other since elementary school.

Docabroad is something we enjoy very much. We combine our passion for travel with the personal contacts with both our clients and our doctors.

We’ve noticed that traditional recruitment agencies charge very high fees for their services. We don’t. We charge a low fixed fee just for the work that we actually do. We are specialized in providing temporary radiologists for short periods. Our clients need radiologists for one to four weeks and we bring our client in contact with radiologists in our personal network. Simple.

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