On a consultative basis we work with our clients on capacity planning to ensure we can provide you with the best candidates for temporary health care professional jobs throughout the world.

Understanding your needs

Our projects start by initiating a review of the client’s specific priorities and requirements together with an understanding of the general work conditions and local culture of the client. This is followed by a review of the position itself – understanding the experience needed, the formal requirements in terms of certificates and licenses, personality and other soft factors.

Attracting the candidates

After agreement on the above we will share the vacancy with potential candidates. Our search will start by making use of our comprehensive database and personal network.

Assessing the candidates

The first step to asses candidates is to present all necessary information about the client, the job content and the country specifics and culture. The second step is a phone interview to assess the match with candidates for the vacant role alongside with the motivational aspects. The motivated candidate will progress further in this process. In this process of course the professional competence together with verification of certificates will be checked as well as motivational factors for the candidate.

Introduction of candidate to the client

When the client decides to appoint the candidate and signs the contract, we will introduce the candidate to our client.

Stay in touch

After the candidate started the assignment, we stay in touch with both the client and the candidate.

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